Helping Teens Become Safer, Smarter Social Media Users

Many teenagers spend multiple hours online each day using social media. Adults can be quick to condemn teens for sharing personal information online, but online sharing is a crucial part of the social life of many of today’s teens. Rather than discouraging teens from using social media, librarians, teachers, parents, and other concerned adults should teach them how to do so wisely. Based on several years of research with U.S. teens across the country, we offer two tip sheets for teens and adults. “10 Simple Tips for Safer Social Media Use” suggests easy guidelines for teens to follow using social media of all types, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to YouTube, to Tumblr, and more. “Best Practices for Teaching Teens to Become Safer, Smarter Social Media Users” presents eight educational strategies that teachers, librarians, and other educators can use to increase the effectiveness of online safety education.

“Helping Teens Become Safer, Smarter Social Media Users” was written by Denise E. Agosto, Ph.D. (Drexel University), and June Abbas, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma), based on research funded by a 2014 OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant (LISRG). It draws upon research conducted with 98 high school seniors in two U.S. high schools.

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